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I'm an professional game designer with 5+ years of experience in AAA Console and Live-Ops productions. 

My expertise mainly lies in defining 3C systems, but I've also had the opportunity to work with multi-disciplinary systems such as AI, UI, voice, and mobile-specific features.

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🌻I'm easy to work with, I respect individual inputs, and I foster a collective spirit to achieve results.

🔮My strong analytical and problem-solving skills enable me to quickly grasp essential workplace tools and engines while playing a critical role in several projects built from scratch.
🕹️With experience in vastly different teams and projects, you'll find me an approachable and versatile team player who can be flexible as per the requirements of the project.

📧 If you are interested in working with me, or would like some insights, or if you just want to have a chat,


Besides what you've seen so far, here's an open space where I experiment with my ideas and interests in game design. 

Be sure to check it out to get to know more about my side projects!


Chandra is highly skilled designer who's diligent and meticulous in his designs. He has an impressive analytical eye and skill in breaking down game systems to their building blocks. His design docs are best in class. An excellent team member who elevates the morale of the entire team. Despite having a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge, he is humble and always at the service of whoever needs help or support. Chandra is the type of designer whom when he becomes the owner of a feature or system, one knows it's in good hands. He is one of the best team members I've had the pleasure of working with.
- Aydin Afzoud, Lead Game Designer at Ubisoft Stockholm

Chandra has a very good work ethic. He always performs extensive and solid research for any design decisions. He can take critiques very well and often chose to be the better person in any discussion for better outcome. I learned a lot from having design discussions with him, and I look forward to collaborate with him in the future.
- Anderson Jerome, Senior Game Designer at LiquidX
, Previously Ubisoft India

I was impressed with Chandra’s design skills, initiative, and ability to meet deadlines. As a Game Design and Production major at Rubika Supinfogame, Chandra brought a rich knowledge of quick prototyping and documenting skills. He’s also a skilled presenter and communicator and has a good understanding of game design methodology. [...] Beyond his design skills, Chandra left a mark at EA with his open, thoughtful personality. 
- Anup Yadav, Associate Director of Design at Zynga, Previously EA

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