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  • Acted as a lead game designer responsible for all the gameplay features implemented.

  • Responsible for the core game loop and the rule system.

  • Crafted progression while accounting for the full potential of the concept.

  • Designed player, enemy, ally AI behaviors, and ingredient mechanics.

  • Level design from paper to editor implementation.

  • Designed and implemented unique puzzles and side objectives.

  • Crafted different faction-based unique characters to populate the game world.

  • Designed and responsible for all dialogue conversations in the game.

  • Created and implemented all animations into the build.

  • Feature planning for a full production cycle.

  • Budget planning and market research responsible to attract the intended target audience.


This is a comical game about the player fixing a broken world, designed by sketchy developers (AKA Gods), who aim to appeal to other trapped players in the game world into submission of their money, and their soul. 

The game world is bound by unjust rules designed by a greedy game production team. Removing and adding rules, changing assets, and reprogramming as they want; The development team is transforming the world into an extremely evil universe where nobody can do much except move around and have specific jobs decided by the gods themselves.


Real world people are stuck inside the game. And with almost the entire world population stuck inside this virtual world, the real world was facing direct consequences and was breaking down.


Most of the government, order, education, and any type of maintenance disappeared. The buildings started to crack down, the economy stumbled, and the few who still remained in the world are creating a world of terror where the strongest rule. 

The situation must change. The remaining governments join their forces and decide to send an agent every month to find a way to free everyone from the game.


So far, no success. This is where you as a player come in. You are one of these agents sent by the government, and you need to save humanity and break everyone out of the game!

The narrative also features multiple factions with different types of rule-changing abilities for progression purposes.


  • Change the rules of the game itself.

  • Experience a real-virtual world.

  • Fight the developer gods ruling the game world.


TEAM MEMBERS                
Lead Game Design, Level Design, Narrative, Animator, and Marketing
Puzzle, Adventure
3D, Third Person
Unreal Editor
1 Year (Graduation)

2017 May - 2018 May

A puzzle-adventure game about changing the "core rules" governing the game world itself.


The project was made as our 'final year project' at our university in 12 months. 




Lead Game Design

Gameplay Design

Rule System

Progression Design

Ingredient Design

Narrative Universe

Character Design

Dialogue System

Puzzle Design

Level Design

AI Design













iClone Animator

iClone Kinect MoCap


After working on multiple prototypes, we settled to work on "The_Game" to showcase it as our final year project.

The_Game initially kicked off as a 2D programming-esque rule-changing game in the initial days of pre-production. But the deeper we went in, we quickly understood that the experience wasn't all that fun for everyone.


It had many accessibility barriers (because it seemed more of an educational game than anything). And since we didn't intend for this direction, we shifted the concept into a third-person puzzle-adventure title, where the emphasis changed to create a "parody" on game development troupes instead of teaching the concepts of game development itself.

ThisGameofMine_FinalPrototype 2019-09-29

Initially, I took on the role of a lead game designer and worked to finalize all game systems as per our design pillars, intentions, and the game loop envisioned in pre-production. Once the game design was set up for success, we shifted our focus to level design and progression.


To fill in multiple roles in our project, I shifted my path into narrative design, and 3D animations to explore more on their development processes.

Over the course of production:

  • I crafted over 15+ characters with features inclusive of - name, gender, age, faction, hierarchy, traits, occupation, appearance, and behavior.

  • At the end, I've written around 15,000+ words of dialogues for my levels, and a few for all the supporting levels in the game.

    • Not every line of dialogue made it in the final vertical slice, as we had to cut down a lot of them to focus on the gameplay experience in our final months of implementation.

  • For the animations - I modified around 150+ animations from mixamo & mocap to our specific rigs for implementation.

    • I also key-framed a few specific humanoid animations, and also crafted a full-fledged specially rigged monster with a unique visual identity as per our artistic intentions.

We initially struggled to onboard players on our game systems, and we also struggled to create a cohesive progression for the vertical slice execution.

To be honest, we didn't have any clue on how to get this right in the beginning. We kept on iterating on our level design and progression until we noticed a change with our playtests. At one point, players actively began engaging with all of the 1-hour vertical slice content in one go ready for more.

I personally believe things could have been much better, but this is where I realized experience matters. You can't just start and create the best game out there. They can only be crafted by planning, iteration, and determination.

In our final days, many industry professionals came in to take a look at our end result, and potentially judge if we failed on the project or not. To make the project presentable, we made lots of marketing material like - budget planning, competitor benchmarks, teasers, trailers, pitch presentations, and physical pamphlets and booklets to make our project stand out among others.

The project in the end was highly appreciated for the amount of content it had, and the quality of execution as compared to regular student projects.



  • The concept had a high potential for a full release.

  • The vertical slice quality at the end was well appreciated among professionals working in the industry.

  • We had to be really creative (with low artists on the team) to execute the desired art direction.

  • Maintained robust documentation across all departments to keep development progress in check.

  • A lot of the team's effort was put into clearing out dependencies, planning, and dealing with development disruptions.


  • Highly ambitious student project. We definitely needed a reality check while going into production.

  • The project doesn't feature any SFX / Audio.

  • Didn't have many artists and programmers supporting the project.

  • We have to better plan for a number of iterations done in pre-production before entering production.

An action-adventure game focused on finding the true nature behind both humans and monsters living together. Solve mysteries throughout the day, and bring justice upon the un-worthy at night.
Players will have to manage human investigation skills in correlation to aggressive monster skills to freely approach and solve mystery cases in multiple different ways possible.

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